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  • Tirol, Innsbruck Picture by flightlog | CC BY 2.0
    Tirol, Austria - One of Europe's best travel destinations
    For me, the Austrian Tirol (Tyrol) is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. There are other areas of Alpine Europe which could be argued to be equally beautiful, but for me the Tirol wins hands down. This is probably due to personal bias, as it was the first place I ever had a… continue reading
  • Cappadocia, Göreme in WinterPicture by Beetjedwars | CC BY-SA 3.0
    Cappadocia, Turkey - One of the strangest, yet most beautiful places you will ever see.
    Is Turkey a European, or Asian country? It's very hard to say. 95% of the country is in Asia, but Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, is in Europe. Not only that but it is the third most populous urban area in Europe. Only Moscow and Paris are bigger. The only thing that separates Istanbul from Asia… continue reading
  • Skiing in the AlpsPicture by Bad Kleinkirchheim | CC BY 2.0
    Skiing in Europe
    Right about now, all across Europe, people are getting themselves ready for their winter sport holidays. Those new to the slopes will be buying the clothing they need, while the old hands will be blowing the dust of their equipment, and making sure everything is in good working order. Of course this is not just… continue reading
  • The LouvrePicture by Photophilde | CC BY 2.0
    Paris - The City of Light
    For anyone travelling in France, Paris is a an obvious destination. It just has so much to offer, with amazing galleries and museums, stunning architecture, exclusive shopping venues, iconic buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and entertainment venues of all kinds. The list is endless, but everything you see or do will… continue reading
  • Czech Republic, Prague
    Prague Prague, located in central Europe, has earned itself many descriptions, such as  "the Mother of Towns’",’’the Stone Dream’’, ‘’the Town of a Hundred Spires’’ or ‘’The Golden City’’. It was the ancient capital of Charles IV's  Kingdom of Bohemia. Prague's long history has produced a vibrant city, full of  beautiful buildings and lovely old squares.… continue reading
  • Azooki.com
    Cambodia, The Killing Fields - Azooki.com
    For those who seek for an ultimate luxurious travel experience, Azooki have crafted a selection of authentic journeys and one-of-a-kind experiences that takes you into the best Indochina regions. Your visit to Asia's most enchanting destinations and activities guarantee that this is going to be the experience of a lifetime. Our team of travel experts… continue reading
  • Palawan, Honda Bay, Pandan Island
    Palawan - Honda Bay
    There is another, very important, tourist destination in the Puerto Princesa area of Palawan, and that is Honda Bay.  Honda Bay is a large bay, full of coral reefs and islands, and exploring it is a great way to spend some time.  I spent a day there recently, and I really enjoyed myself, as much… continue reading
  • Palawan, Sabang Beach, Underground River
    Palawan, Puerto Princesa and Beyond.
    Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines, in terms of total area. It consists of approximately 1,780 islands.  It's main island is approximately 426 km long, but at it's widest point, only 45 km from coast to coast. Most of the island is only about 30 km wide. The island is covered in mountain ranges, which are… continue reading
  • Thailand, Phuket, Kata Beach
    Phuket - The Southern Beaches
      Phuket has many fine beaches, most easy to get to, others that you have to work harder for.  This video shows you some, but not all, of the beaches in the south of the island, and they are all very easy to get to.  With exception of Laem Ka Noi, for which you need… continue reading
  • Phuket, Songkran Festival 2015
    Songkran Water Festival 2015 - Thailand
    Yesterday, the 13th of April, was Songkran festival, which is actually Thai New Year.  This is a time for huge celebrations, by Thai and tourists alike, because of the water throwing in the streets, that occurs almost everywhere.  Traditionally the water is a sign of cleansing, and washing away the sins of the past, but nowadays… continue reading